Medi-Sign, by W. Joseph Garcia, Ed.D.

"WHAT A GREAT BOOK/DVD!!! It is often frightening going to a physician and more so if it's an emergency. Not being able to communicate can only exacerbate an already difficult situation. "Medi-Sign" is a great resource for facilitating communication and reducing fear. This book is a treasure!"
Dr. Robert C. Anderson, Director of Behavioral Medicine & Bioethics, Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency, Provo, Utah.

The Medi-Sign course combines practical daily medical sign language for health providers with an organized introduction to American Sign Language grammar and structure in a 550 page book and interactive DVD.

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Chapter 1: Discussing Pain
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Medi-Sign is a medical sign language book designed to help health care professionals learn occupational specific ASL by offering the type of language found in daily health care communication. Medi-Sign's content was compiled from data collected from medical personnel throughout the United States and Canada. Medi-Sign is structured to offer medical sign language vernacular involved in typical diagnostic and health care professional/patient communication.

The final Medi-Sign medical sign language course contains approximately 820 signs. It includes topics such as:

  • locating and discussing pain
  • general diagnostics
  • injuries resulting from falls
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • patient history
  • emergency treatment
  • vehicular accidents
  • drug usage
  • vision problems
  • domestic and sexual abuse

Medi-Sign explains important American Sign Language elements such as:

  • time indicators
  • facial expressions
  • finger spelling
  • asking questions
  • using classifiers

Basic sign language vocabulary such as days of the week, time, colors, and numbers are presented in practice exercises at the end of the chapters.

Medi-Sign includes medical sign language variations and people from different regions, such as actor Billy Seago and others, using different signing styles so that a medical provider is better prepared to use and read medical sign language with any deaf person.

The Medi-Sign medical sign language project was funded by foundations, individuals and corporations listed on the book's back cover shown below. Health care professionals from around the United States and Canada contributed to the data gathering process to assure useful and accurate information.

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Note: table of contents has a chapter out of order, download updated table of contents here.

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