This enchanting book is beautifully illustrated with captivating creatures who offer first-time spellers a fun, tactile experience as they learn to spell.

A parent/teacher guide is included along with practice words, the alphabet, and numbers 1-10.

Children get a joyful introduction to spelling words that engages them both physically and mentally.

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Delightful Full Page Illustrations!

The idea behind Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book was born a while back from my desire to make young children’s first encounter with spelling a fun experience.

As noble and as pragmatic a concept as this may be, it was Anita Boyle’s enticing artwork that inspired me to follow through. I knew that Anita’s imaginative illustrations and captivating characters would be the perfect invitation for youngsters to become engaged in a playful spelling experience.

The kinesthetic aspect of fingerspelling helps reinforce learning and provides another way to present spelling to students who might benefit from alternative learning styles. Many of the words listed in the book’s practice exercises are those that school districts have identified as competency words for first and second graders.

The book will help young spellers find joy in their first attempts to spell, and the book’s visual impact will keep children coming back to it again and again.

Experienced Kindergarten Teacher Sees Benefits of Fingerspelling

This book has reinforced for me the importance of including sign language in my classroom. Sign language provides another way for kids to connect with symbols as words and emerging readers need lots of different ways to experience language. You can see their brains working as they focus on making particular letters with their hands and their delight when they get it! This is good stuff and I will use it in my teaching from here on out.
Abby Franklin, Founder and Teacher, Loving Space Kindergarten


Loving Space Kindergarten Students Fingerspell "LOVE"