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Local Author Dr. Joseph Garcia Discusses Baby Sign Language Book at Village Books

Bellingham, WA – An award-winning educator and a pioneer in the baby sign language movement, Bellingham author Dr. Joseph Garcia will discuss his new book, Dr. Joseph Garcia’s Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language, on Saturday, June 11, 2016, 7:00pm in the Readings Gallery at Village Books, 1200 11th Street, Bellingham, WA. Dr. Joseph will share his experience of helping more than 5,000 families communicate with their babies. He will demonstrate several signs based on daily experiences and activities.

Dr. Joseph will also discuss his latest work — a book for kids and teachers that brings fun and movement into learning how to spell. Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book is beautifully illustrated by local artist Anita Boyle, with captivating creatures who offer first-time spellers a joyful, tactile experience as they learn to spell.

The drawings in Dr. Joseph Garcia’s Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language clearly show 285 signs that cover 40 common topics in baby’s life. The ebook version includes a linked table of contents and index, and each signing illustration is linked to a video demonstrating the sign. Posters are included in both the ebook and printed version. Parents are encouraged to hang these at strategic locations throughout the home to remind them which signs to use.

“My program teaches you — in a fun and low-stress way — how to learn and use a small or a large number of signs with your baby. It doesn’t take much time, and just a few signs will make a world of difference to the whole family,” says Dr. Joseph. “Signing with your baby replaces frustration with communication,” he adds.


About the Author

Dr. Joseph has pioneered the effort to improve parent/infant communication since 1988. His first two books grew out of his graduate studies and research on parent/infant communication. His experiences in the Deaf Community inspired his groundbreaking work. Since then, his books have influenced tens of thousands in the US, Canada, and the UK. He regularly consults with hospitals, health care providers, and educational institutions on how to use sign language as an effective method of communication when spoken language is not an option. His book Medi-Sign, An Introductory Course in ASL for Medical Communication serves medical professionals and first responders across the nation.

When he is not involved with sign language projects, he likes to ski, snowboard, do magic/stand-up comedy, and play music. He had a dog sled team when living in Alaska, chummed with the signing chimpanzees, and built an elaborate system of rope bridges at his forest home in Washington State.

For more information about Dr. Joseph’s books, to inquire about a review copy, or to schedule an interview, please contact him at 360-398-9333 or


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