Why I wrote “The Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language”

BSL PostcardSince publishing SIGN with your BABY, I’ve been deeply involved in communication research and expanding caregiver knowledge of baby signing. My personal focus remains on creating the most effective and practical signing methods for parents and babies. My studies, observations, and firsthand experiences over the past twenty-six years have provided me with a wealth of additional insights that inspired me to write this book.

I call this book The Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language because it not only reveals the theory behind signing with babies, but it also clearly demonstrates how to incorporate the signs into your everyday activities.

My new program can teach you—in a fun and stress-free way—how to learn and use a small or a large number of signs with your baby. Investing a great deal of time is not necessary. It is literally a “how to” book that really works.

Having already tried and tested these methods, I have been able to produce results showing that parents and their children are now learning and using more signs than ever before.

I really like what technology is doing for the baby signing movement. The Complete Guide ebook allows you to click on any sign drawing and a video pops up showing you how to make the sign. I sure wish that was available when I was first learning to sign. What an amazing advancement in learning. To have videos appear on your hand-held device or computer and to have a library of 285 signs a click away is about as easy as it gets. So, I hope parents, grandparents, and other caretakers take advantage of this new resource and begin the incredible journey into clear communication with their babies.

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