Introducing Dr. Joseph Garcia’s Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language

Dr. Joseph Garcia's "Complete Guide to Baby Signing"I am very excited to share my new program with parents and caregivers. Using this new system, parents will be able to start using signs right away. My system is designed to incorporate signing without a long learning curve. If you are a parent or infant caregiver with infants who are turning four months or older, you can begin using the signs during your daily routines. The time you spend modeling the signs for babies now will pay off tremendously in just a few short months.

Many parents begin using signs with their babies but become frustrated when their babies don’t immediately begin signing back. Remember, language acquisition requires time for the baby’s brain to process the visual and cognitive aspects of signing and the association between the signs and the activities happening when the caregivers model the signs. Consider the fact that babies hear us talk for a couple of years before they begin speaking.

Please use this site to ask questions and as a resource to share with other parents. I will be adding information as parents contact me. I find that many parents ask similar questions, and you may find the answers to your questions on our FAQs page. I find the most challenging questions coming from parents who have special needs infants, and I will be happy to offer my insight from my strong educational background to help with your special circumstances.

The rewards you receive from the baby signing experience become some of the most enjoyable and memorable you have with your baby.

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