Dr. Joseph Garcia's Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language

An exciting new book from the Grandfather of Baby Sign Language!
This important new book, the culmination of Dr. Joseph Garcia’s experience as an educator and researcher, demonstrates 285 signs organized around 40 topics relevant to family life. Dr. Garcia’s easy yet effective method establishes clear communication with pre-speech children and allows parents to get the most out of the baby-signing experience. Each book contains a link to online videos that show all the signs section by section and follows the book.

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Dr. Joseph's Fingerspelling Book

A fun and effective way to introduce spelling to first time readers!
This book is beautifully illustrated with captivating creatures who offer first-time spellers a fun, tactile experience as they learn to spell. A parent/teacher guide is included along with practice words, the alphabet, and numbers 1-10. Children get a fun introduction to spelling that engages them both physically and mentally.

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Leading Expert in Early Childhood Education

Joseph Garcia, Ed.D. is a pioneer and one of the world’s leading experts in the baby sign language revolution. He is considered a leading expert on communicating with infants.

In his highly acclaimed books "Toddler Talk" (1994) and Amazon #1 Parenting and Family Best Seller "SIGN with your BABY" (Oct 1999), he explored how babies are able to communicate using sign language.

Since then, he's worked with more than 5,000 families and has developed new methods that make it easier and more fun than ever for you to communicate with your baby and get the results you want.

"Dr. Joseph Garcia's Complete Guide To Baby Sign Language" (© 2016) focuses on learning signs based on daily experiences and activities. This approach makes it easy and fun for you and your baby as you learn and use more signs than you thought possible.

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Signing with babies enhances the parent-child bond by enriching the interactions between babies and parents and empowering babies with clear communication. It is also a fun and natural way to catch precious glimpses into a baby’s amazingly creative developing mind. Dr. Joseph Garcia’s new book shows parents how to make baby signing an efficient, effective, and loving part of their parenting experience.
Frank James, MD

Baby Sign Language Reduces Frustration and Tantrums

Your baby's frustration levels drop dramatically when he or she signs. Using signs, your baby is able to convey needs swiftly and calmly, replacing frustration with communication.

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Using sign language with your baby is a no brainer.

We were introduced to signing by Joseph Garcia at Evergreen Hospital through the Baby-Parent classes. He taught us many of the simple signs that we could do with our baby and by the time she was 4.5 months she could tell us when she wanted a drink, when she needed her diaper changed and when she was all done.... and many more.

Watch Babies Use Sign Language

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